Together with the relief organization JAM Switzerland, the KCUA supports the project "Tundane" in Mozambique. Therefore the KCUA is organizing a virtual charity Kubb challenge to raise money for the JAM foundation. This comes as a replacement for the "Kubb for Africa" tournament which had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The raised money is going to be spent to completely renovate and rebuild the school in Dondo (Mozambique), that was badly damaged by Cyclone Idai in March 2019. Up to 300 children are currently being taught in a school, whose classrooms' roofs are lacking and whose walls have partially collapsed.


At the beginning of October 2020, a team of volunteers from JAM Switzerland will therefore be on site to build a completely new school for the children, including sanitary facilities – supported by your donations! Learn more about JAM on their website or in the brochure down below.



Some of the best Kubb snipers around the world are going to compete in a unique virtual battle against each other. The idea is quite simple: 13 players, 8 meters, 100 throws and 1 goal: hitting as much as possible! The player with the best ratio out of 100 shots wins the event. The players are going to donate 1 USD / CHF / € per each hit to JAM Switzerland. So the better they perform, the more money's getting raised!

These are the 13 players from all over the world, which are going to battle each other:

🇮🇹 Artemio Scaltro 🇨🇭 Christoph Fischer 
🇺🇸 Emily Jipp  🇩🇪 Franz Ludwig
🇨🇭 Jacky Suter 🇧🇪 Jan Boogemans
🇸🇪 Joakim Ekelöf 🇺🇸 John Oman
🇧🇪 Kim Heremans  🇨🇭 Lukas Huser
🇨🇭 Lukas Leuenberger 🇨🇭 Marc Binder
🇺🇸 Mark Oman  

All of these 13 players will be recording at least one attempt of 100 shots on 8m and submit their video to us. We will then create a final video including all of those videos with a virtual race on who get's the best score / ratio out of 100 shots. The best three players will be rewarded with a "Kubber for Africa" shirt, which is sponsored by KCUA.


The 13 players above are acting as ambassadors for this event. They've already started recording their videos and trying their best to raise as much money as possible, but this doesn't have to stop YOU from participating, right?


These are your options to be part of this unique event:


Option 1)

Participate by yourself and become part of the final "800m for Africa" movie 

🔗 Register to the event by using the registration form down below

🔗 Watch our video and game guide lines down below 

🔗 Record your attempts (if you wanna be part of the movie. otherwise you're also allowed to just share your result) and submit your video to info@kcua.ch until the 31st of May 

🔗 The three most successful submitted videos become part of the final movie with the Kubb legends seen in the picture above, that will be streamed in early June on our Facebook channel 

🔗 Donate your number of hits per 100 throws in your national currency (CHF/EUR/USD etc.) to "JAM Schweiz" 🙏

🔗 Get an absolutely unique "Kubber for Africa" shirt if you're standing in the forefront (rank 1–3) 🏆


Option 2)

Bet and win 

🔗 Comment your guess on our Facebook post (winning player + bet in CHF/EUR/USD etc., you're allowed to place multiple bets) as soon as the second Facebook post is up.

🔗 Cheer for your favorite player while watching the final movie 🍻

🔗 Donate the value of your lost bets to "JAM Switzerland"

🔗 Get a "Kubber for Africa" shirt if you placed the highest winning bet


Option 3)

Support one of the participants by doubling their donations

🔗 Easiest option to support the event, if you're not into gambling or throwing 100 sticks by yourself.

🔗 Just pick a player out of those 13 (16) guys above and donate 1 CHF/EUR/USD for each hit they do as well.


Of course you're allowed to combine options 1–3 as you like.


Thank you so much for your support and let's Kubb for Africa! ♥️



Bitte den Code eingeben:

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.


1) Throwing rules

- Place 5 kubbs on one side of the field, the other side is left empty

- Only shoot 5 sticks each round (not 6!) 

- the sixth stick is only for the perfect game and is not counted into your total of 100 shots. You'll get a nice little star for each perfect game in our final video and they will decide on the exact rank, if two players have the same score.

- in case of a perfect game, you can hit the king as usual (no sure shot required)

- throw each shot into the same direction, facing the camera

- Helicopter throws are not allowed 

- hitting two base kubbs at once (baseline doubie) only counts for one hit


2) Setting up the camera

- place the camera central behind the Kubb field

- record your video in landscape mode, highest resolution possible

- Distance between camera and baseline: approx. 3 to 3.5m

- Height of the camera: approx. 1m


3) Timing

- take as many time as you want between each round of 5 shots. We'll cut the time between each round of 5 consecutive throws out of the video anyway. But remember that your submitted video has to be one full video of 100 consecutive shots.


4) Deadline

Please submit your final video until the 31st of May, using wetransfer to info@kcua.ch


Learn more about the "Tundane" project in the attached flyer:

Tundane Flyer
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 502.9 KB

Of course you can always support the project "Tundane" directly and donate to: 

Stiftung JAM Schweiz

Schwellistrasse 6, 8052 Zürich

Konto: 80-464304-6

IBAN: CH02 0900 0000 8046 4304 6

Message: Kubb